About Women's Suits

The structural characteristics of women's suits

    There are many types of women's suits, including male-like dresses, professional wear, uniform and standardized styles, and a variety of fashionable suits, suit jackets, sports suits... Diverse. According to the female suit originating from the suit, it is the derivation and evolution of the suit style structure. The main line can be based on the structural characteristics of the suit, and the shape of the woman suit and the collar, shoulder, sleeve structure and structural lines that affect the style. Conduct a general discussion and summary.

    (1) Model features
    According to the female body shape characteristics and the specific functional requirements of various suits, the appearance profile of the female suit is basically four basic shapes: H, A, X, and T.

    H-shaped top, also known as box type, is a looser style. It is mostly used in suits, jackets, sports and travel suits. It is characterized by maintaining proper slack in the chest and buttocks. In order to express the characteristics of the female body, only a little waist is stitched on the side, or the waist and chest are used to slightly improve the top and body fitness. The profile of this suit is light, comfortable, casual, easy to move, and easy to match with different combinations of bottoms.

    A-type top, also known as a natural-shoulder-shaped wide top suit. Fitted shoulders, loose breasts, and flowing hem, with diagonal skirts and flared skirts, fully demonstrate the elegant and elegant demeanor of women's suits, and are mostly used in evening dress skirt suits.

    X-shaped top, also known as the waist suit. Emphasize the curvilinear shape of women with breasts, tight waists, and hips. The use of darts, princess stitches, and knife back stitches are used to create a long and charming look for women's suits, which are often combined with suit trousers, over-the-knee skirts, diagonal skirts and tube skirts.

    T-shaped top, also known as the wide-shoulder fold-up suit, is imitating the modern men's suit shape. The shoulder width is appropriately enlarged and shoulder pads are added to give the women's suit a broad-shouldered, full-bodied, and stiff masculinity. It is often matched with short straight skirts and straight pants.

    X-shaped and T-shaped suit tops are mostly used in traditional etiquette suits and professional uniforms.